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Our Passion,

Their Future.

At Atscott Pre-School Academy, we take into account your child's age and adjust the programs accordingly. We offer different levels of learning.

Our Programs 

Children learn in different ways. Atscott Pre-School Academy provides your child with a variety of teaching methods, such as "learning through play”, social skills & interaction as well as, focusing & operating in a group environment.

Our programs incorporate events and activities that vary from the day to day of our curriculum, including field trips, special guests and holiday parties

These activities provide students with memorable, valuable, enriching experiences and social interactions. All of these techniques and learning skills combined will ultimately help guide the next generation to success, while creating a foundation for future kindergarten learning.

Our programs offer specially designed curriculum and specific goals for each age group and our low student to teacher ratio allows for more one on one time with teachers, which in turn provides the opportunity and flexibility to adapt to the child's individual needs.

These programs have been meticulously developed to address the following five main pillars of child development;

1. Gross Motor Development helps to build physical, mental, and social skill. Our program includes monthly private gym classes to Gymalaya, which has been noted as the best recreational gymnastics facility in the GTA, with state of the art equipment designed specifically for young children.

2. Fine Motor Development such as letter and name writing activities, worksheets, painting, daily art activities, sensory play and workshops all develop coordination between small muscles, like the hands, fingers and eyes which improve dexterity and support the most crucial early stages of development in the brain.

3. Speech and Language Development with the incorporation of music, movement and concert, help children communicate thoughts, feeling and ideas. Dramatic play with props encourages imaginative play, exploration of their environment. and communicating with peers.

4. Social and Emotional Development, using games and toys to promote reasoning and verbal skills as well as, encourage socializing among peers. One-on-one time with teachers learning, playing, talking, listening and interacting, engage your child and helps them learn about the skills that he/she will need for life and reinforces the message to your child that they are important. Community helper visits, such as Firefighters help children to understand their community and world around them and develop a positive relationship with people in their community.

5. Cognitive Development. Students learn everyday problem solving through play, art, circle time, snacks and field trips. Daily math skills are addressed with manipulatives and puzzles. Reading/literacy development with books and worksheets. Sensory awareness with water, sand and play-doh. Students learn to control impulses and focus attention through play centres, and classroom routines. Through play the children learn to explore, observe, experiment, solve problems and learn from mistakes. Healthy food is served daily to encourage a life time of healthy eating habits and hygiene. We also celebrate special occasions and milestones to reinforce a lasting positive and healthy outlook on learning, improving, and overcoming obstacles.


Future Scholar

The Future Scholar program runs in the morning. It is perfect for little ones, as they are early risers and mornings are when they are most energetic and ready to learn, leaving the afternoon free for a well needed nap.

The Future Scholar program accommodates children from 2-3 years of age. This is a great introduction to life in a group and away from home. This program focuses on activities that begin to develop speech and language skills, fine and gross motor skills and cognitive skills such as learning shapes, sizes and colours all in a fun and creative way.

Children in this program are not required to be toilet trained. Diapering facilities are on site.

JK Prep

JK Prep is also offered in the mornings, providing children with more time for social interaction and hands on learning.

The JK Prep program is great for children 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years of age. This is a wonderful introduction for children attending a school program for the first time. Emphasis is placed on developing your child's social, cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, speech and language skills and allowing for more one-on-one academic instruction in a fun, warm and caring environment.

Specialty classes are scheduled monthly. This is an exciting, fun-filled learning program.

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