Why Parents Love Atscott Pre-School Academy

“My son has been going to Atscott Preschool for two years now, and we are really happy with the school!! It is a bright, fun, clean, safe environment, and the staff are
I’m so happy that Alifia got to be Gregory’s very first teacher. I think Gregory is
really well prepared for kindergarten next year, which makes me feel a lot less anxious about September coming up so quickly! If anyone is looking for a fantastic preschool in the Newmarket area, look no further than Atscott Preschool Academy!”

Jen N.

"My husband and I just want to thank Ms. Alifia and Ms. Mafalda, for being the best teachers in the world!! Placing Logan and Landon at ATSCOTT has been the best decision we have made for our boys. They have learned soooo much from the teachers, and made amazing friends!
I'm so sad that Logan will be going to JK and you ladies won't be his teachers, but excited that Landon will be going to ATSCOTT for one more year!! 
I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for encouraging my little guys to be the best they can be."

Susana O.

"Atscott Preschool has helped my children develop in so many ways.  They have mastered so many new skills during the past school year in a fun and caring learning environment, as well have made many new friends.  The staff are truly remarkable with lots of patience and encouragement for each and every child.  My children love going to school and learning new things."

Joanne R.

"My husband and I both work from home and were looking for part time care during the year for our two year old daughter. I met Ms. Alifia and was extremely comfortable leaving my daughter in her care.
My daughter felt completely safe and secure in the classroom. Ms. Alifia offers many various educational activities, as well as healthy snacks. The kindness and patience in which she showed to all of the children in her care was outstanding. The classroom was always clean and well kept.
Overall, I would definitely recommend Ms. Alifia  With her background experience and strong abilities to connect with children, she definitely offers everything a family would be looking for in a teacher."

Megan M.

"Words cannot express my profound gratitude to Ms. Alifia and Ms. Mafalda for giving my daughter, Teagan, the greatest introduction to school life and essentially, to life outside our home. I couldn’t have asked for a more nurturing, welcoming and positive environment, where children could express themselves creatively, have the opportunity to develop their social skills, with other children their age, and learn the primary, educational basics. Structure and routine were reinforced in a fun capacity. Respect, manners and responsibility was taught in a loving manner and independence was encouraged through patience, compassion and guidance. Academically, I found that my daughter, and the children at Atscott, learned so well because of the individual time and effort Ms. Alifia and Ms. Mafalda put into each child, everyday they were there.  It was such an advantage to have that one-on-one time and it gave Teagan a great start to learning. The facility itself was always immaculate and bright, with lots of activities and toys to attract young minds and curiosity. As a parent at Atscott, I was always spoken to as an equal and if I shared any concerns, they were met with understanding and a helpful attitude. Ms. Alifia and Ms. Mafalda are consummate professionals in this field and because of their influence, my daughter has grow from a shy toddler into a confident, well adjusted little girl. She has had an extremely smooth transition into JK, is thriving socially and academically and most importantly, is happy! I would encourage all parents who have the opportunity, to give their child(ren) the best start by sending them to Atscott Pre-School Academy. Thank you Alifia and Mafalda and I can’t wait to be with you again in September with Dylan!"

Nicole J.

"Ms. Alifia and Ms. Mafalda, I wanted to thank you for teaching Bryce and Jo Jo over the past few years. My husband and I know that it's because of Atscott Preschool that they are adjusting well to elementary school. Jo Jo cried on the first day of JK but she has been eager to go to school from day 2 and onward. Thank you again for everything!"

Sarah P.

"I had no idea where to start when searching for a preschool for my daughter, but I am so glad I decided on Atscott Pre-School Academy. Ms. Alifia and Ms. Mafalda are both so fantastic with the kids and I couldn't be more thrilled with my daughters development in so many ways. My daughter tells me everyday how much she loves school. I will most definitely be signing up my second baby as soon as she is old enough!"

Lauren W.

"Ms. Alifia and Ms. Mafalda, I think I'm going to miss you more then the kids! Right from day one I felt I was bringing my "Littles" somewhere that was warm and inviting. A place they could learn, grow and experience things beyond what I could teach them at home. You welcomed them with open arms and embraced all that is Marcus and Giorgia. You helped them overcome fears and insecurities, taught them how to deal with emotions and make and foster friendships, how to play and also learn and challenge themselves to achieve their goals. Seeing how much they have learnt and grown is amazing. I am truly impressed with all that you do every day. You have been such a positive influence on both Marcus and Giorgia. You have succeeded in creating a positive association with school and learning that I know will set them up for great success in JK and JK Prep in September. Thank you for being you!"

Sabrina N.

"Ms. Alifia and Ms. Mafalda, Thank you so much for helping to ensure Maya had a great first year of preschool! Maya loves you both so much and it makes me feel so good when I know Maya is in such good hands at Atscott.  We couldn't ask for more caring and fun loving teachers to care for our daughter."

Lots of love
The Trimarchi Family.

"Thank you, Thank you Ms. Alifia and Ms. Mafalda for another great year! We are sad that Cruz is leaving Atscott but so proud of his accomplishments. His smile going into the classroom says it all. You have created such a loving classroom and wonderful program. Cruz has learned so much in 2 years and had fun along the way. See you in September with Ethan."

Samantha M.

"Ms. Alifia, Thank you for another amazing year of preschool at Atscott. Nic is so lucky to follow in his brother's footsteps and have you as his very first teacher.  We love the kind, caring, fun and loving Atscott experience."

Much Love
Hailey R.

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